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Wed 23/1/19
Wild Ponies
Sam Morrow Band
Sat 2/1/19
Ray Benson & Katie Shaw
Carson McHone
Fri 5/4/19
The Good Lovlies
The Fortunate Ones
Tue 24/4/19
Joey Landreth
Roman Clarke
Wed 29/5/19
Carson McHone Band
Ags Connolly
Thu 30/5/19
Dale Watson
and his Lost Souls
Sat 1/6/19
Birds of Chicago
Paul McClure
Thu 7/6/19
Jesse Dayton Band
Russ Tolman
Wed 19/6/19
Jesse Malin Band
Stephen Chopek
Thu 20/6/19
Ryan Bingham Band
Joana Serrat
Sat 20/7/19
Tingestock 2019
Legends of Country
Great Western Tears
Don Gallardo Trio
The August List
Misty River
Thu 9/9/19
Peter Bruntnell Band
Sophia Marshall
Mon 30/9/19
Sam Outlaw
Lydia Luce
Fri 18/9/19
Curse of Lono
John Murry
Thu 24/10/19
Pete Gow & the Siren Strings
Hannah Scott
Wed 30/10/19
Molly Tuttle
Emily Mae Winters
Sat 9/11/19
The Delines
Those Pretty Wrongs
Tue 3/12/19
Eilen Jewell Band
Fri 31/1/20
Amy LaVere & Will Sexton
Iszaak Opatz
Sat 1/2/20
Lennie Gallant
Catherine MacLennan
Sat 8/2/20
Sam Baker
Sat 7/3/20
Paul McClure
David Banks
Tue 10/3/20
Jesse Malin Band
Don Deligo
All remaining Concerts for 2020
were Postponed or rescheduled
due to Covid 19 Pandemic
Thu 30/9/21
Eddi Reader
Finley Napier
Fri 1/10/21
Jerry Joseph
Our Man in the Field
Wed 20/10/21
Steady Habits
Fri 19/11/21
Otis Gibbs
Hannah Scott