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Tue 30/1/18
The Americans
Kashena Sampson
Wed 31/1/18
Mandolin Orange
The Dead Tongues
Sat 3/2/18
Courtney Marie Andrews
Adam Barnes
Sat 10/2/18
Jaime Wyatt Band
Beth Bombara
Tue 13/2/18
Sam Baker
Wed 21/3/18
Chris Difford
Boo Hewerdine
Wed 18/4/18
Lilly Hiatt
Wed 1/5/18
Deep Dark Woods
Kacy and Clayton
Wed 9/5/18
Mary Gauthier
Thu 17/5/18
Carter Sampson
Jesse Aycock & Lauren Barth
Thu 31/5/18
Bennett Wilson Poole
The Katies
Fri 1/6/18
Boo Hewerdene
Darden Smith
My Girl The River
Thu 14/6/18
Israel Nash
Sat 16/6/18
Tingestock 2018
The Shapes
Bennett Wilson Poole
Felix Holt & the Radicals
Les Clochards
Mahoney and the Moment
Fri 6/7/18
The Americans
Karima Francis
Fri 27/7/18
I See Hawks in LA
Les Clochards
Sat 27/10/18
Ian Felice
Nick Panken
Thu 1/11/18
Alejandro Escovedo
Don Antonio
Thu 8/11/18
Police Dog Hogan
Jake Morrell
Tue 13/11/18
Treetop Flyers
Loud Mountain
Sat 24/11/18
Don Gallardo Band
Ags Connolly
Fri 07/12/18
Bennett Wilson Poole
Sat 15/12/18
Courtney Marie Andrews
Wed 23/1/19
Wild Ponies
Sam Morrow Band
Sat 2/1/19
Ray Benson & Katie Shaw
Carson McHone
Fri 5/4/19
The Good Lovlies
The Fortunate Ones
Tue 24/4/19
Joey Landreth
Roman Clarke