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You can purchase tickets directly sending a stamped addressed envelope with a cheque made payable to:

'Mr M F Trotman ERP Account'

for the appropriate number of tickets, there is no booking fee, and send to:

M F Trotman
Old Post Office Cottage
HP17 8UH

Telephone 01296 748 268
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The Truck Store, Oxford and Rapture Records, Witney - There is still nothing better than going into a record shop, meet and talk with knowledgeable staff, listen and then buy some tunes. So support your friendly independent Records store.
If I’m not looking after this web site, Facebook or Twitter, then I’m taking photographs, many of which can been seen here including photo’s taken at Empty Rooms there is also a You Tube video channel too.

If you are stuck for something to do before coming to a Tingewick or even Oxford gig, then pop into Buckingham to step back in time and visit the magnificent Stowe Landscape Gardens which are maintained by National Trust.

Stowe became the blueprint for  landscape gardening with over thirty monuments and temples in 250 acres of land. You enter via The New Inn, an original  historic visitor centre from 18th century though the new visitor centre also contains our cafe and shop. When Visiting Stowe you might even get to see me there and I won’t even stamp your hand.
Also available in person during shop hours from:
Tickets available Online via - WeGotTickets and See Tickets follow the links from the Home page to the artist listing section or from the Live Show tab on the menu bar above (there will be a modest 10% booking fee)
Use the e-mail address above for more information. If you wish to be added or removed from our e-mail list please type in the subject line.
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The mailing list is held by empty room promotions and occasional e-mails are sent to keep you informed about our future events.
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Bob Harris, while still broadcasting on Radio 2’s Country show most Thursdays, has also moved online and created his own Whispering Bob TV channel under the guise of Under The Apple Tree on You Tube and Facebook and inviting artist to visit his studios in rural Oxfordshire, so check out some great sessions.
The Truck Store
101 Cowley Road
For Oxford events
Clubhouse Records is a UK independent specialising in Americana, Alt-Country, Folk and Roots music. The label was founded in 2010 by a group of musicians as an artist friendly haven for all things under the broad banner of ‘Americana’. Incorporating a small studio (‘The Clubhouse’) in the Buckinghamshire countryside the label acts as a crucible for releases, live events and multi media activity.
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Rapture Records
The Woolgate Centre
Market Square
Town Centre, Witney OX28 6BB
For Tingewick / Buckingham events
The Royal Oak,
Main Street,
MK18 4NN
The Visitor Information Centre
Old Gaol
Market Hill
Buckingham MK18 1JX
The Truck Store
101 Cowley Road
Kingsmead House Concerts Set up and run by Paul Kemp a long term fan of Empty Rooms and all “live music” in general. Paul wanted to give something back to many of the artists he has seen in the past, so opened up the doors to his house and has invited them in, he would also like for you to join him too, so check out his web site.