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Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the gig on Saturday with Kevin Montgomery, Shurman, and Andrea Glass. Fabulous evening, we had a great time; the bands obviously enjoyed themselves too. Very much appreciated.
We came up from Brighton on Saturday to see the Kevin Montgomery show and had a great time.  Kevin was brilliant as usual and Shurman and Andrea are two new finds who are both now on my ipod. Thanks for a very enjoyable evening.  Keep up the good work.
Mike – on behalf of the small "Cambridgeshire Contingent" I just wanted to thank you for promoting such an enjoyable gig last Saturday. Gregg, Frank Lee et al put on a great show. We'll certainly be back for more!
A belated big thank you for staging the Deadstring Brothers! They are one of the best bands around and I enjoyed them immensely.
Fabtastic Chuck Prophet gig on Friday, and good to have a stand up.
I just booked tickets for Tift Merritt, which I'm very excited about, as the last time I saw her at the Radcliffe Centre was one of the two or three best gigs I've ever seen.
Thanks for putting on Ian McLagan and The Bump Band. Top night. Decent venue. And what a trooper - a real pro and an excellent band. More please! Keep up the good work - you are doing a great job for live music in North Bucks.
Really good show, enjoyed it immensely! Eve Selis and her band were good value. Not my normal cup of tea but I was impressed with the energy that they put in. Great band of musicians too. Rick Nash one of the better bassists that I’ve seen recently. The last track to the main set “Stop the train” was awesome. The way that the drummer, bassist and guitarist combined to thrash out a sound of a runaway train was a musical highlight of the year! Great stuff! Keep it up.
the gig of the year for me was Chuck Prophet - WHAT a character, singer, songwriter, performer - all put together to create an energetic and "feel good" performance.
Very much enjoyed Saturday (Tift Merritt) - thanks!
I was at the Tift Merritt gig on 10th May and enjoyed it immensely.  Would love to see her again at the Radcliffe Centre.
I bought both Chris’s (Corney) albums (which are surprisingly good - better sound balance and more dominant vocal track) and Eve's latest album and will look out for her return in November (2008)
Once again, thank you for organising such a great night last Friday.  Eve and her band were magnificent and I also enjoyed listening to Chris (Corney)
Thanks again for another great gig. Eve was on good form last night and her band are just superb musicians.
Michael, just to say thanks for Saturday night. Sam Baker was one of the best ever concerts, what a lovely, warm and funny human being and great songs as well!
Great gig last night - seeing Mac, (Ian MacLagan) I was 17 again! What a good time band.
I just wanted to say a big thank you for the Ian MacLagan gig last night.  What a pleasure to see this true music legend in such an intimate venue. My friends traveled from Essex to the show, so word will travel back there as to how good the venue was. Thank you for having the vision to keep music live.
Tift Merritt (November CD Recording) was on top form at a magical event at The Radcliffe Centre, Buckingham on Saturday. She had chosen this venue, with its superb acoustics, for a live recording - and the CD, when released next year, will undoubtedly be one to treasure. This was entirely a one-woman show, with most of the old favourites together with a sprinkling of really good new songs. Not surprisingly, the 'pre-order' queue was longer than both toilet and bar queues combined!
And when we asked for your favourite show of 2008 here are some of the responses . . .
One very clear winner for us this year and maybe of all of your gigs that we have been to, Chuck Prophet.
For me the Empty Rooms 'Gig of the Year 2008 ' has to be Chuck Propht & The mission Express the guy and the band just get better and better everytime I see them which such great songs.
I loved all the gigs I came too, keep doing what you do they are the best evenings of the year and no one else does it with the provincial style!
Of those acts I saw under your roof, I very much enjoyed the Stewboss/Dead Rock night at Tingewick, especially the grub and pint which preceded it over at the pub.
We’re all very fortunate to have you putting in the hard work you do to bring these musicians over to Buckingham, and I (we) look forward to supporting this labour of love in 2009.
Excellent gig and who would have thought a village hall would be the centre of rock ‘n’ roll, Tingewick rocks!
Looking through the list of gigs, it's really hard to pick a winner, such is the quality of your shows this year.
The events that we have been to this year have all been excellent.  The friendly, low key style of the evenings is truly magical and I congratulate you on your own modest introductions (as well as your clear ability as a bouncer as demonstrated at the Tift Merritt (2nd concert).
Anyway thanks for all your efforts putting on the shows – we really appreciate it.  The venues you use are delightful and I always have a thoroughly good evening.  I’m looking forward to more of the same in 2009.
You have done us proud in 2008 with another great line up of gigs.
Finally, we think you do an excellent job in bringing great names to our 'doorstep', so many thanks for all your hard work, it really is very much appreciated.
All in all, I love the shows you put on and can say we've never had less than a great evening.
What a great gig Saturday night. Loved the man (Sam Baker), loved his music
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