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Just wanted to say thanks for another night of stupendous music here in deepest darkest Buckinghamshire! I'd been looking forward to this gig for so long and to get Peter Bruntnell and Richmond Fontaine on the same bill was brilliant as they are two of my top favourite artists. As ever.. neither disappointed on the night. What I like about both artists is their humility .... no big egos just musicians always at the top of their game and still able to keep moving up!
And a big thanks for organising one of the best gigs I’ve been to in recent years – Chuck Prophet last Saturday. I have to admit I arrived with some trepidation having seen the photos of Tingewick village hall, not at all sure what to expect. In the end it was England at its finest – a marvellous atmosphere, absolutely superb music and all in the slightly surreal atmosphere of a small village hall – Chuck’s joke about surfacing there as part of a witness protection programme was spot on. I will definitely be coming again.
Thank you for promoting such an unusual gig at the Tingewick village hall. It was our first time and we did not know what to expect. This is how live music should be presented and Chuck Prophet with the Mission Express were the right people to do it! A small audience, informal, immediate rapport between the performers and their audience. The absence of officials and security people was a relief; no gadgets or fancy light shows. The music was the most important and that is what it all about. It was good just to talk to Chuck after the afternoon gig, so accessible. A very special day which will remain in our memories. We shall certainly return to Tingewick and my partner has already bought tickets for Show of Hands in October at Buckingham.
Just a note to say thanks for Saturday afternoon's gig - excellent. I thought Chuck was on ripping form and our first time at Tingewick, what a great venue!!
“Tingewick is the new London”
Chuck Prophet
Watch the excellent Video by James Cumpsty and check out his website www.8x10.co.uk
I thought Richmond Fontaine were absolutely superb... Willy Vlautin is just one of those people who you can't help admiring as a concise observer of life and the way he explains that in his songs is incredible. I'm not ignoring the rest of the band either as together they make a perfect outfit. I could waffle on.....But still.... a big thanks to you and your helpers for a tremendous night of music.
I know it's a bit early but my nomination  for Empty Rooms gig of the year for 2010 is .... Richmond Fontaine.  I can't see any of the other acts you have booked surpassing last night's performance ..... or can they????
A decent evening (Richmond Fontaine) music back in the village hall in Tingewick. A 90 minute set of their own compositions that covered the territory of soft rock but with a hint of Seattle grunge in it. After all they are from Portland, Oregon which lies just up the road in US/Canadian terms.
Thanks again for the truly great Richmond Fontaine concert on Friday…..they were superb , and also I didn’t get to say to him, Richard’s sound was fantastic …its so important to hear Willie’s lyrics.
What a great gig at Tingewick on Saturday. Well done for bringing over a top band. (Sarah Borges & The Broken Singles)
Re. Sarah Borges, I couldn't agree more .....I had to see her again after Saturday, so booked a ticket at the Luminaire on Tuesday.....she started this one on the stage.....and finished it standing on the bar, as you said "what a girl", absolutely fabulous.
Had a fantastic evening on Saturday - loved seeing Sarah Borges again in storming form - brilliant venue! (Tingewick)
For the record, the four of us who came to see them thought Sarah and the band were excellent.  Not only for the music, but also their stagecraft.  Sarah knows how to put on a show, so I wasn't surprised to read afterwards that she majored in musical theatre. Sarah's CDs were good value too, especially the most recent ones.
Congrats on you inaugural Oxford show. (The Bullingdon Arms)  Pretty damn good! Terrific little venue, superb sound, Alejandro Escovedo and Sensitive Boys were just fabulous, much, much better than Borderline, which itself was a wonderful show. It was a very special evening, you must be, rightly, very proud. It gets better. Mojo Pins were an unexpected delight. Tight, great original material, influences very clear, terrific vocal performance, really nice mix of acoustic and electric guitar, backline solid and controlled, very impressed. I blew off a much looked forward to Tegan and Sara Roundhouse gig  for this and I have no regrets whatsoever.
Just a note to say thank you for putting on Sam Baker last night.  I'd not heard of him until you started promoting him; I bought the most recent album a few weeks ago to get acquainted with the music ... and last night exceeded all expectations.  Very, very affecting, and engaging too.  I don't know if you are in personal contact with the artists, but if you can suggest that Sam and Don put out a live album at some point, I rather suspect it would be very good.
So, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Otis Gibbs, Elizabeth Cook and now Sam Baker ... as ever, I'm very grateful for the fact that you've led me to these acts, people I might well never have heard of otherwise.
Thanks also for a superb evening in Tingewick last Saturday. I can see why you like The Epstein, and I can certainly see them filling really big venues. Their sound is commercial - in a good way - and I'm reminded of Mumford & Son/The Manic Street Preachers. My favourite, however, from a great line-up was The Cedars with the mesmerising Chantal. A little less tattoo and piercing (and Chantal) would have made her perfect; but that voice - quite superb!
Many thanks for another great show on Saturday - 4 good artists and all for £8. We particularly liked the Hi Lo and The Epstein. I've never seen anybody play the drums, banjo and harmonica at the same time. Most folks can't talk on a mobile and walk in a straight line so that was impressive.
Just wanted to say a big thank you for all you do with Empty-Rooms. I've only been to two gigs - The Wilders back in May and the Clubhouse Rollin Revue - but enjoyed both hugely. What an inspiration!
Just to say many thanks to you and team for, again, providing a great evening - Otis Gibbs was very, very good. Elizabeth Cook was merely very good!
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