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Great gig last night with JTE - really enjoyed it (as always). However, now you have a problem . . . . . . . . you've set the benchmark awfully high for the rest of 2011!
Mama Roisin truly excellent last night, and final encore number getting down into the audience was so good to see, joyous!
We just wanted to say how much we enjoyed Saturday evening. It was a wonderful night of top quality music in a lovely venue (our first visit)
We are also very much looking forward to seeing Willie Nile on Friday after seeing him last year. Thanks for all your efforts in putting together these gigs. Hope you can persuade Stewboss over again!
Michael, thanks for a memorable evening!! Jan (Sweden)
Just a belated thanks for putting on Willie Nile last month - it must be up there in my top ten live concerts (the record store set was pretty good also.)
Thanks for the show last night.  Mary Gauthier and her violinist really were incredible.     
songwriting and performers - inspirational.  I saw her on the main stage at Cambridge some years ago and it was great to see her in such an intimate setting.  I’ve been to quite a few of your shows in the last year or two and really appreciate your good work - keep it up.
Thanks very much for a tremendous night at the, er, Scout Hut yesterday. Four great bands, phenomenal value and a fitting way to mark the 150th gig.
You're doing a great job for the music lovers of North Bucks!
I just wanted to express my thanks for the opportunity to attend Tingestock last week. As one of the few Tingewickians in the audience I felt privileged to be part of such a thoroughly enjoyable event. I bought 4 CDs on the night and am really pleased with all of them. I am looking forward to purchasing Case Hardin's recording when it is released in September.
Thanks for promoting and bringing such great sounds to us in Buckinghamshire!
Feedback 2011
I just wanted to say thanks for the Richmond Fontaine gig last Friday. The band seem to get better and better and I really enjoyed hearing the whole of their new album played live ... it was rather good wasn't it? Amy Boone was also superb in the way she performed with the band. The evening was made even better by the support artist, Laura Gibson, whom I thought was really excellent.
We had a great time in Buckingham hearing Sam Baker (a very unique character & singer(!)) along with Betty Soo … also The Po’Girls the following evening
I thought the Slaid Cleaves and David Olney night was terrific and am looking forward to another excellent evening.
Thanks for putting on Alejandro on Friday; it was another of those truly great nights.
Thanks again for the stupendous Alejandro E. Magnificent. And Sam Baker, and Slaid Cleaves. What a trio
Just wanted to thank you for putting on a wonderful show last Friday at The Old Town Hall. It was thoroughly enjoyable and nice to see both artists (Eilen and Carrie) performing again. You efforts are really appreciated.
It was a very good evening with Carrie Rodriguez and Eilen Jewell - thanks
Many thanks for all your great work in providing such brilliant shows. If only they were a bit nearer Southend
Thanks again for all your hard work, it really is appreciated. It’s especially rewarding for us when taking a friend or two along for the first time. It usual ends up with big happy faces! Hopefully we can introduce a few more to Empty Rooms next year.
Slaid Cleaves and David Olney were superb - thank you.
The Show of Hands gig in Buckingham church continues to haunt me, such an atmospheric performance! Well organised.
We have been to see several fantastic bands through Empty Rooms this year; the favourite has to be The Eilen Jewell Band at Buckingham. We do however feel that every gig we have seen has been really enjoyable. Another wonderful year of music. We can't wait for the music to come in 2012. Thank you.
Although these were my favourite 3 we have not been to a gig we didn’t thoroughly enjoy. Many thanks; we appreciate very much the entertainment you provide, long may it continue.
Thank you for doing such a superb job by bringing all these wonderful artists to us music fans.  I really do appreciate it though I guess there are times that you must feel a bit let down when you get a low turn out. Looking forward to the fayre you have prepared for us in 2012.