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Feedback 2012
Thank you very much for the Ruth Moody gig at Tingewick last Saturday . She was superb.

Danny was ace last night- many thanks! 

So much enjoyed the Webb Sisters, many thanks,

Really enjoyed Willy Vlauntin, my wife and I both love his books and Sue really enjoyed meeting him. Danny was also great!

I do enjoy your regular mails Michael and I especially enjoyed your latest re Austin.

Thanks for another great Willie Nile gig on Saturday. Tremendous hi-energy night's entertainment - well done! I hope you can get him back to the Tingewick Arena very soon.

Fantastic and memorable gig at Tingewick last night. Willie Nile is an amazing performer.

Was a brilliant gig (Willie Nile) Mike thanks for doing what you do.

Great night (Willie Nile). Ears are still ringing!

Great gig on Saturday. Willie Nile is a true rock'n'roller and we had a great time. He reminded me in parts of the Stones, the Clash and the Ramones which is not a bad thing. Even though we didn't know any of his songs before hand, they stick in the mind and you feel like you have heard them before.

I have been going to gigs since I was 16 [37 years] and have seen so many different bands from Springsteen to the Sex Pistols but your gig on Saturday was one of the best, you are doing a great job and my only regret is it has taken so long to discover .

The Chuck Prophet & Dave Alvin gigs were truly memorable musical experiences and the sound at the Bullingdon was perfect.

Just wanted to say thanks for arranging and hosting the show by Kevin Welch.
The show was a superb and enjoyable performance by a consummate musician. We live a three hour drive away and the weekend involved a two night stay nearby. The show made it well worth the journey and was the highlight of the week.

I loved the Tingewick room, looks weird when you pull up but the inside is great and the acoustics outstanding.- Kevin Welch

Thoroughly enjoyed the Handsome Family last night. I can't believe they've passed me by for so long - I now intend to work my way through their albums one by one!

Just to say thanks for putting together last nights’ gig!
Thad was an amazing guitarist and we bought most of his CD’s on the night! Whitehorse were quite incredible – what an amazing sound from just 2 people. Thoroughly entertaining – and all in a village hall that used to be --- a village hall!
I really enjoyed Otis’ show last night. This is the third time I have seen him (in total) since he supported Elizabeth Cook. Thanks for putting these concerts on.

Eve Selis was excellent last night - great show. Looking forward to Dawes on Sunday. 

Congratulations Mike on 10 years of delivering great music in Buckinghamshire!

We really enjoyed the show, probably the most talented couple we've seen so far. (The Mastersons)

Sam Baker though was on top form once again and by the end we had warmed to the venue. If anything the sound, always excellent, was better and fuller than ever and I wonder if your engineer had plumbed into the indigenous speakers high on the columns. The banked seats are comfortable and the views all great though it’s a shame there is no raised stage at the front. All in all, it’s all good. It’s not rock’n’roll, but I do (still) like it. And did I mention that Sam Baker & friends was fantastic.

Well done for getting Dawes back. One of the best gigs I have ever been to.

So, thanks for putting on some great music this year, wish I lived closer and could make it to more!

Tift was awesome last night – such a tight band, loved the pedal steel, and her voice is just so amazing and her energy and enthusiasm is great to see - thanks for the gig! Cool to see whisperin Bob there too!
Just to say, again, thanks for recommending Dawes so enthusiastically the first time around. We came along then on the strength of that and weren't disappointed, and last night was a good 'un as well.

Very many thanks for your hard work and dedication to bringing fantastic, live music to our area and in such a friendly and personal way.

Thank you for all your great work for another year. Dawes were brilliant...probably July show particularly....maybe the novelty of seeing them live for the first time.

Thanks for another great year of live music and introducing us to some great new bands like the Mastersons (fab guitar) and a giving us the chance to see some old favourites again like Sam Baker. Tingestock is always a treat and it's great to see our sort of music getting more popular and being played by young bands.
I can't file your message without taking the time to thank you for all the wonderful gigs this year, of which my favourite was Dave Alvin & The Guilty Ones.