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Feedback 2013
I went to the JD McPherson gig on Wednesday night, at the Bullingdon Arms, Oxford, and was really impressed by the band and by the venue. I have seen JD play before, but on Wednesday night, they appeared more relaxed, and responded so well to the audience. The vibe was fantastic!
Just to say, Mike, the Dale Watson gig was magnificent!
The man himself was so kind and friendly...and the band were just tremendous...just loved the whole gig!
Thanks for putting it on....it was well worth the 90 miles trip to get there...and 90 back!
You keep doing this to us...last time it was Tingewick Village Hall for Eilen Jewell and Carrie what a brilliant night that was too!
Just a huge thankyou for tonight and Fred Eaglesmith.... the bands you put on make life worth living and that is no understatement...
Many thanks for the recent truly outstanding Dale Watson gig (and thanks also for his appearance at Buckingham Town Hall a couple of years ago.)   Your good work in the promotion of good live music is greatly appreciated - long may it continue!
Some great shows coming up! Fantastic to see Tom Russell back on the list.
As always, many thanks to you and your team for all the hard work - it's appreciated and enjoyed!
Top gigs of 13 so far @ChuckProphet and @johnmurry, both courtesy of @emptyroompromo Chapeau, one might say.
Great gig with Chuck last night.
Just had to let you know - you are doing such a great job with the artists you're getting to come to our area, keep it going!
I would walk to Oxford for a Willie Nile gig no matter what time of day it was scheduled, it was a great night at Tingewick.
A terrific gig, Mike. It made the perfect ending to a great day out in Oxford. Keep 'em coming.
Yep, thanks for putting GP on at such a lovely venue (my first time there).
It was a wonderful evening in a lovely venue. Kudos to you for gambling on putting on a concert there.
Great gig last night Mike!
Mike - you continue to do a brilliant job bringing these bands to our area - please keep it up - I only wish I could attend more of them.
Caitlin Rose was superb! Thank you.
Thanks for hosting Rod Picott again; I think you will agree that he has seldom sounded better. What a bonus Doug & Telisha Williams are to be sure.
…..thanks for a great year of live music.