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Paul McClure & the Local Heroes
plus The August List

Tingewick Village Hall, Buckingham, MK18 4NN

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Due to sound check restriction the door time indicates the earliest opportunity we can give access to the venue. Live music will start 20-30 minutes after the door open time.
Paul McClure is a singer songwriter from Rutland, England. Known for his intimate, story telling concerts Paul’s characters and story lines - in particular the loves, laughs and losses that have come his way - though lyrically often brutally honest, nearly always allow the humorous side of any situation come forward.

Since giving up his teaching job to follow his dreams and go full time in January 2014, McClure has clocked up the miles finding places to play from Southampton to Manchester, Southend to Bristol with shows at folk clubs around the country including acclaimed performances at Wychwood and Cambridge folk clubs and Roots Music Club, Doncaster, sharing the stage with such touring folk and Americana musicians as Emily Barker, Otis Gibbs (USA) Red Sky July, Sons Of Bill (USA) Red Moon Road (Canada) Edwina Hayes and The Young 'Uns.

"McClure’s style of music may not be commercially fashionable these days, but, open, honest, warmly melodic and beautifully honed, it’s never going to be without a loyal following." Mike Davies, Folk Radio UK

"One of the bedrocks of the UK Alternative Country, Folk and Americana scene." (3 Chords And The Truth)

“Paul McClure has a voice made to hand out solace, advice and words to cushion the fall with a deep understanding translated easily by his ability to sing from the soul.” (Alternate Root, USA)

Recently featured on Mark Radcliffe's Radio 2 show and with an album of new songs released on UK Americana label Clubhouse Records, things are looking up for the Rutland Troubadour...

McClure accompanied the release of his new album 'Smiling From The Floor Up' with an extensive tour of not only some of the UK's best known folk/Americana venues but also a large number of house concerts hosted by fans in an attempt to both connect with his audience in a close and intimate setting and also to bring the sound of live music back into the home.
The August List - Ask almost any active band member in Oxford, and you’ll find out there’s something unanimously wonderful about playing music with others. Collaborating with fellow musicians is one of the many thrills to be experienced as a songwriter and performer, but when the person you’re collaborating with is also your life partner, the process becomes even more special. Thame-based couple Kerraleigh and Martin Child comprise The August List, a low-fi alternative folk duo that emerged when previous creative aspirations fell by the wayside, and love prevailed. “Martin was trying to make a terrible film and I was trying to be an Oscar-winning actress,” explains Kerraleigh. “Neither worked out, but we got together!”

Musical chemistry wasn’t established straight away – the twosome only began playing together a couple of years after meeting one another. Marrying in 2010 among the Great Smokey Mountains of North Carolina, USA, their shared love of American folk music eventually culminated in their multi-instrumental talents fusing to form a band. Guitars, percussion, harmonicas, a stylophone, a banjo and two sets of lungs are the main ingredients on The August List, as each ditty comes together through an inconsistent but effective writing process.

“We never seem to approach our songs in the same way,” explains Kerraleigh. “Some come together very quickly, either individually or collaboratively. Others can take months of hearing a piece of melody going over and over in our heads before evolving into a song. We spend a lot of time working on the lyrics, getting the imagery right for each song.”