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The Shapes
Felix Holt and the Radicals
Bennett Wilson Poole
Les Clochards
Mahoney and the Moment

Saturday 16th June 2018

Tingewick Village Hall, Tingewick near Buckingham

Doors 5.30 pm
Tickets £15 in advance, £17 on the night
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Due to sound check restriction the door time indicates the earliest opportunity we can give access to the venue. Live music will start 20-30 minutes after the door open time.

The Shapes

The Shapes have recorded a number of albums and EPs and have played at practically every music venue in Oxford and county including the prestigious Common People, Truck festival and the annual Kid’s Are Alright charity event. Each of the band members brings a wealth of experience in folk, country, rock, soul and pop bands but now concentrate on the unique upbeat indie sound that has received wide acclaim in the media. Often compared to REM, Crowded House, the Shapes like to surprise with their eclectic range of hummable songs, which tell stories of lives dedicated to good music. Oxford’s Nightshift magazine has declared them ‘the feelgood band of the summer’.

Felix Holt & The Radicals

Felix Holt and The Radicals are an alt country band from north London and were one of the big discoveries of April’s Ramblin’ Roots Revue in High Wycombe. Born in London, Felix spent his formative years avoiding school in any way possible before taking it upon himself to get a whole new education, saturating himself in the history of folk, blues and lyric poetry. A history that is reflected in his traditional yet original songs. With the new line-up and forthcoming EP, the gentleness of voice is belied by the gravity of lyrics and impact of song.

Les Clochards

Les Clochards are Oxford's musical secret weapon.  They sharpened their teeth on a diet of French chansons and Roy Orbison, on which basis they have developed their own repertoire. Their distinctive sound is fronted by male and female vocals, accordion and guitar. Autumn 2013 saw them launch their second album, Any Fool Can Wear their Heart on their Sleeve, following 2009’s critically acclaimed Sweet Tableaux, both released on Big Red Sky.

'a love of Fifties rock and roll married to a kitschy Parisian sophistication . . . an act of rare intelligence and charm' - Colin Mackinnon, oxfordbands.com

Mahoney & The Moment

In January 2011 over fajitas in their beloved Astoria, Queens, New York Mahoney & The Moment were formed. Taking their cue from everything from Chas & Dave to ZZ Top, the band has lovingly been described as 'wonderful as a baby’s smile', and comparatively: 'If She & Him were real human beings; they would be like Mahoney & The Moment.' They continue to run 'Chalk Farm Folk', an acclaimed Americana live music night at The Monarch in Camden now in it's 3rd year, where they are the resident band.

Bennett Wilson Poole
Their melodies are far from a rehash of the Byrds’ bolder efforts or even their greatest hits. The songs ring with immediacy and an instant embrace that finds such offerings as “Ask Me Anything,” “Wilson General Store,” “The Other Side of the Sky,” “Funny Guys,” and literally every other track on this dynamic debut a credit to both their credence and the obvious influences imbued herein. From the crack of drums that opens the aptly named lead-off track “Soon Enough,” to the final extended coda gracing the album’s haunting closer, the vaguely psychedelic “Lifeboat (Take a Picture of Yourself),” this is indeed an album for the ages, an indelible reminder of folk rock finesse with echoes of an earlier era and a bold promise for all future endeavours.
Suffice it to say, Bennett Wilson Poole is the real deal. Authentic Americana doesn’t get any more reverent, respectful or simply remarkable than this.